2017 Shed Season has Started!!!

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25 Feb 2017

We have found several smaller sheds but this might be our largest find ever.  This is the buck Richard shot and lost in early November.  Spent a whole day tracking him.  He showed back up on trailcam so we knew he survived the first month after the shot.  The buck evaded sightings and trailcams all year but his left side shed appeared in our soybean stubble last week.

It taped out at 82-7/8″ – which if one assumes a 20″ spread and if the other side is similar (w believe it will score similarly as he has a sticker thats 6-7″ long off his G2); would have him scoring 186″ gross B&C!  Hell of a deer and we believe he’ll likely put on another 20″ for next year!  Lets hope we can keep him around!  The ability to chase 200″ animals is ADDICTIVE!

We are wearing ourselves out looking for the right side…no luck yet!  As of this writing most antlers are still mobile according to trailcams!


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