Bow Hunts

This managed land offers some of the finest deer and turkey hunting available in the in the country. If you find yourself watching “The Outdoor Channel”, or “The Outdoor Network” and dream about yourself as witness to the type of deer you see shot, then this is the place you need to be!

$ 2400 / Person

Turkey Hunts

Many don’t know, but Missouri boasts being the Number One Turkey producing state in the Country. It is home to the Eastern Gobblers. Our turkey hunts are spring only gobbler hunts, any legal weapon/ammo. We control approximately 1000 Acres and typically have no more than 4 hunters in camp per weekend (four farms).

$ 600 / Person

Predator Hunts

Predator control is a big part of managing giant whitetails. We are very flexible with providing hunter opportunity and have approximately 1000 acres of predator hunting available starting January 16th of each year. Simply contact us with dates that will work for you.

$ 600 / Person

Rifle Hunts

In 2016 we began selling bow hunts during the rifle season. We will continue this endeavor again in 2017 as we had excellent opportunity rates. Keep in mind, our farms are set up for bow hunting, including all the stand sites. You have a better opportunity with us, using a bow, during rifle season, than most other places with your rifle.

$ 3500 / Person

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About Us

Mid West Sporting Properties, LLC is a Delaware Limited Liability Company established in 2005.  Its founder has been active in the hunting industry since the late 1990's.  Like so many,  spending many years traveling to mid west to bow hunt whitetails, finally became a relocation effort and in 2005 MWSP purchased 190 acres of land consisting of timber, native grass, and pasture.

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